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Inside supply teaching: Jill Thomas

Hi, I’m Jill and I’m a Supply Teacher in London with Zen Educate. I’m trained as a secondary music and flute teacher however over the years I’ve evolved into more of a primary teacher. I have also recently added new expertise to my teaching repertoire after further study and three years living and working in Spain — Spanish, and English as a Foreign Language. In my free time I like to travel to sunnier climates, play the flute, do a power pump or spinning class, and enjoy good food with good people.

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Supporting supply teachers - 3 ways for schools to get the most out of temporary staff

There are many reasons why people turn to supply teaching in the first place. It could be due to the flexibility supply teaching offers, or the relief it provides from the onerous tasks of planning and target setting. Many teachers chose to go into supply as it offers them challenge and variety in their jobs as well as chance to experience a variety of schools and year groups. With teaching shortages, supply teachers have become increasingly essential to the day-to-day running of a school.

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Overview of the School Workforce

Contrary to popular belief, teachers aren’t the overwhelming majority but make up just under half of the workforce. The remainder is composed of TAs and “support” staff which can be any non-classroom role ranging from the Headteacher to the cleaning staff.

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Practical Tips For Supply Teaching

With a plethora of supply teaching resources online, it can be confusing for teachers to know where to get the best information. As we interview teachers all the time, we have compiled our top three practical tips to help answer questions we always get asked.

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Why we started Zen Educate

Dealing with an Education Recruiter is often like dealing with an unscrupulous Estate Agent. If you are like most schools, you’ve probably felt this frustration, and with good reason.

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