Playscheme for Resources for Autism -Summer Holiday work

Zen Educate
1st August start
Expiring 31st August
Barnet, London
Part Time
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Job description

What is the Holiday Scheme at Resources for Autism? Our holiday schemes are for autistic young people aged 8-19 years. A place for young people to play, explore, develop skills and have fun with the support of a staff team. The Leader facilitates the activities for the day and they can range from music to arts to sports to trips. What to expect on the day? 9.30am Staff meeting to go through the plans for the day and read profiles on the service users you will be key-working for the day. If it’s your first day with us, you will be asked to arrive at 9am to meet with the Team Leader. 10am to 3pm Children’s arrival followed by timetabled activities for the day, including lunch, and finally pick up. 3pm Staff debrief meeting 3.30pm End of day. FAQs Can I take breaks? Staff breaks are to be taken at appropriate times when the leader is able to cover the key worker. They should be for a limited time up to 15 minutes maximum and up to 2 breaks per shift. Leaders have to make a dynamic risk assessment when it is safe and staff should understand if the situation would not be safe, they would forgo a break at that time. Can I leave the service user alone if needed? The young person you are key-working should remain in line of sight at all times. If there is a need to leave the room, you should notify another member of staff and they should provide consent that they have the capacity to oversee your key-child until your return. Neurodivergent or disabled team members? A support plan is completed if they agree and the reasonable adjustments agreed are implemented in their work. Staff confidentiality must be paramount and information only shared on a need to know basis.