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17th April start
Expiring 25th July
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We are currently looking for long term TA's to work in a school near Redruth where the pupils are referred from the Local Authority or direct from Cornwall Schools. The pupils are excluded or at risk of exclusion so all display challenging behaviours. Children are taught in a personalised thematic curriculum designed to re-engage them into education. Pupils have a high level of support with a 1:1 learning mentor. The aim is that the pupil can return to education with better personal skills and strategies to support them. There is a strong emphasis on assessment of the whole child and sharing this both formally for SEND assessment but also with family and home school use. The package each pupil receives is designed to support them and their family to stabilise and be better equipped to regulate behaviour and engage in academic learning. The aim is for pupils to move back into a long term education setting as quickly as possible so they can build a new bond with that community. Total number at any one time is 10. The aim is to have a quick turn around with pupils moving on to long term placements and support being available to new pupils. The working hours are 08:30 - 3:00, with a pay rate of £12.50 per hour (inclusive of holiday pay). If this sounds like it might be of interest please let me know and we can look to arrange a visit for you at the school towards the end of the week. Must be able to drive and own a car that can be used during school hours.