SEN Teaching Assistant

Zen Educate
30th October start
Expiring 15th December
Full Time
Posted about 1 month ago
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Job description

An SEN specialised school based in Oldham is seeking highly experienced Teaching Assistant on full-time, long-term basis starting from October 30th. This is a highly demanding and rewarding job that requires a great deal of patience, empathy and understanding. The school caters to children with severe moderate learning difficulties, physical needs, behavioural needs, severe autism and non-verbal children who use signs and symbols to communicate. As a teaching assistant, you will need to recognise triggers that lead to upsetting behaviour and respond to those triggers in a way that helps to deescalate situations and ensure the safety of the student and those around them. You will need to understand the purpose of the communication of non-verbal students and use innovative techniques to help them communicate clearly with those around them. The sucessfull person will be calm, and be able to work as part of a team. You will need to demonstrate great resilience, patience, and understanding, as well as a deep passion for helping children with special needs achieve their full potential.