STEM Technician/ HLTA

Zen Educate
27th September start
Expiring 22nd December
Full Time
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Job description

JOB TITLE - STEM Technician & HLTA JOB PURPOSE • To prepare materials for and support the safe delivery of experiments and practical activities within DT and STEM in order to optimise teaching and learning. • All aspects of the job description are to be carried out within a system of supervision by qualified teachers, to be determined by schools prior to employing higher level teaching assistants. • To complement teachers’ delivery of the national curriculum and contribute to the development of other support staff, pupils and school policies and strategies when required. • To work collaboratively with teaching staff and assist teachers in the whole planning cycle and the management/preparation of resources. Also to supervise whole classes occasionally during the short-term absence of teachers. (Please refer to the managing attendance policy for clarification on what constitutes a short term absence). • To provide support for pupils, the teacher and the school in order to raise standards of achievement for all pupils (e.g. SEN, EAL, all underachieving groups), by utilising advanced levels of knowledge and skills when assisting with planning, monitoring, assessing and managing classes, and to encourage pupils to become independent learners, to provide support for their welfare, and to support the inclusion of pupils in all aspects of school life.