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Zen Educate is different, we’ve created an online booking experience that connects schools and teachers without the need for expensive teaching agencies.

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  • Higher pay

    We use technology to operate at drastically lower costs, leaving more for you.

  • Fewer phone calls, more jobs

    We successfully match hundreds of teachers a week with schools in London and Manchester. Prefer to take control? Use our platform to accept teaching requests from schools.

  • Set your own schedule

    Only teach when it works for you. Easily manage when you want to work online. There’s no office and no boss. With Zen Educate, you’re in charge.

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We currently work with over 250 schools spanning London and Manchester

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Set your own schedule

Tired of agency phone calls when you're not available or being ignored when you are? With Zen Educate, you dedicde when you do and don't want to work, and manage your calendar for the week, month or whole school year.

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Online timesheets

We've taken the headache out of timesheets and payments. We'll make sure you get paid correctly and on time, letting you focus on the important stuff.

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We have former teachers and platform experts giving you the best support, every step of the way. We're happy to help when you need us.


We help Teachers, Teaching Assistants, and Cover Supervisors find work. We work with all types of schools and help with short-term, long-term and permanent roles.

Many of our long-term roles convert to permanent roles. We make it far easier than a traditional agency for teachers to convert temporary positions into permanent ones.

We work with over 250 schools in London and Manchester.

We’ll need evidence of your identity, right to work and teaching qualification. In addition, we’ll need an enhanced DBS certificate and references from two recent previous employers. If you don’t have a DBS certificate, just contact us and we can arrange one for you.

You'll be paid weekly on Fridays for the work you completed the previous week.

Zen Educate is a technology platform to connect teachers with schools directly. Agencies are an expensive middleman between schools and teachers. They have to charge high commissions because their booking procedures are largely manual and run on outdated systems. Because we run more of the process online or on your phone, we create an experience that delights schools and teachers at a fraction of the cost.

Simply email and our friendly team will get back to you shortly, or call us on 020 3870 4632.

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