Zen Expectations

Behaviours that ensure outstanding experiences for schools and pupils

Zen Educate has a reputation for working only with professionals who provide children and schools with the best possible experiences. Congratulations for making it! Paying attention to the following expectations will help you to provide the same high-quality experience for every school where you work.

Keeping children safe

Always follow child protection procedures. If you have any concerns, immediately tell the designated safeguarding lead or a senior member of staff.

Punctuality and attendance

If you have any problem getting to the school or you are unwell, please notify Zen Educate by phone on 0203 870 4632 or text on 01293 344 531 as well as notifying the school.


If you have any difficulties with your placement, please let Zen Educate know as soon as possible by phone on 0203 870 4632 or by email support@zeneducate.com.

Behaviour Management

Always follow the school’s behaviour policy.


Always look professional and follow the school dress code.


Make sure you ask what is expected before you begin marking.

Following the school’s procedures and routines

These can usually be found on the school website and you can ask for them at the school office.

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