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Teaching Assistant
Primary school in HarrowFull Time
1 Mar - Mar 29
Roxbourne Primary School in Harrow are seeking a Teaching Assistant to cover up until Easter with the possibility of being extended after that. The ideal candidate would have diabetes training/good understanding or experience administering medication but this is NOT essential. ABOUT THE ROLE: - Assisting the primary teacher in delivering lessons and activities - Providing one-on-one support for students with special educational needs - Supervising students during break times and lunch times - Supporting students with their personal care needs - Assisting in the preparation of classroom resources REQUIREMENTS: - Previous experience working as a Teaching Assistant in a primary school setting - Knowledge and experience administering medication or diabetes training - A passion for working with children and helping them reach their full potential - Excellent communication and interpersonal skills - A valid DBS check or willingness to obtain one At Zen Educate, we understand the importance of finding the right role that fits in with your work-life balance. We offer better pay rates compared to traditional teaching agencies and provide hands-on support to help you find the perfect role. Join us today and take the next step in your teaching career!
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Posted 2 days ago
Teaching Assistant - Year 6
Primary school in HarrowFull Time
29 Jan - Jul 19
A primary school in Harrow are seeking a Teaching Assistant to support a child with ASD in Year 6. This is a full-time role running until the end of the academic year. About the role: - Provide one-on-one support to a child with ASD in Year 6 - Assist the class teacher in planning and delivering lessons - Help create a positive and inclusive learning environment - Support the child with their social and emotional development - Monitor and record the child's progress and report to the class teacher Requirements: - Relevant experience working with children with ASD - Excellent communication and interpersonal skills - Strong knowledge of the primary curriculum - Ability to adapt lessons and resources to meet the individual needs of the child - Patience, empathy, and a genuine passion for helping children learn and grow Benefits of Zen Educate: - Work-life balance: Zen Educate offers flexible working options, allowing you to choose when and where you work. This means you can maintain a healthy work-life balance and have more time for yourself and your loved ones. - Better pay: Zen Educate offers competitive rates of pay, ensuring that you are rewarded fairly for your hard work and dedication. You can earn more as a Teaching Assistant with Zen Educate compared to traditional agencies. - On-hand support: Zen Educate provides ongoing support to all teaching staff, ensuring that you feel supported and valued in your role. We are here to help you find the right role that matches your skills and preferences, and we provide guidance and advice throughout your journey with us. If you are a dedicated and experienced Teaching Assistant looking for a rewarding role in a primary school in Harrow, apply now with Zen Educate. We are committed to helping you find the right role that suits you best, so you can thrive in your career and make a positive impact on the lives of children.
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Posted 30 days ago
KS2 SEN TA - Lovely and Supportive Primary & Secondary SEN School
SEN School school in HarrowFull Time
1 Apr - Jul 19
Role Name: SEN KS2 Teaching Assistant Availability Required: Full Time Gesher School is a unique all-through school providing a specialist, meaningful, and functional learning environment for young people with special educational needs. This includes language, communication, and social pragmatic difficulties. We have a specialism in autism spectrum challenges (ASC). Young people are at the heart of Gesher School, where we foster a sense of belonging and community. Our school offers a happy, safe, friendly, and stimulating environment in which young people are supported to learn, interact, and have fun. We believe that all young people have the potential to achieve, but that every child is individual and requires a tailored, young person-centred approach to learning. The Gesher approach is warm, friendly, and nurturing. Emotional health and resilience, developing young people’s independence and learning, is at the core of our vision. About the Role: - Collaborate with the learning team to support each young person’s learning needs and maximize meaningful learning opportunities - Work closely with the therapeutic team and families to nurture and support young people’s emotional, social, and academic development - Partner with families to improve the lives and life chances of young people with SEND by ensuring their overall well-being and involvement in the wider community - Use creativity to shape the way our school provides excellent learning opportunities for our young people - Join an innovative learning community with ambitious practices and the opportunity to shape the future of special education nationally and internationally - Be part of a committed community of staff, parents, and wider supporters - Receive support for professional development to become the best you can be - Take on responsibilities in various areas of school life and be supported in terms of your leadership - Access a network of forward-thinking practitioners via other members of our team Requirements: - Relevant qualifications and experience in supporting young people with special educational needs - Excellent communication and interpersonal skills - Passionate about making a difference in the lives of young people with SEND - Ability to work collaboratively in a team - Patience, empathy, and resilience Zen Educate provides teachers and teaching assistants with various benefits to enhance their work-life balance and professional growth. Our platform offers: - Better pay: We believe in fair compensation for your valuable work, ensuring that you receive competitive rates as a teaching assistant. - Work-life balance: With Zen Educate, you have the flexibility to choose your own working schedule and locations, allowing you to maintain a healthy work-life balance. - On-hand support: Our dedicated support team is always available to assist you in finding the right role, providing guidance throughout your career journey. Join Zen Educate today and discover a rewarding and fulfilling career as a Sen-school Teaching Assistant.
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Posted 30 days ago
Teaching Assistant - Diabetes Care
Primary school in HarrowFull Time
22 Jan - Jul 19
Vaughan Primary School are seeking a Teaching Assistant who is trained in diabetes care to work primarily with a student with this medical need. This is a full-time role starting ASAP. About the Role: - Assist the student with diabetes in managing their condition throughout the school day - Ensure the student's safety and well-being at all times - Support the student in accessing the curriculum and participating in classroom activities - Collaborate with teachers and other teaching assistants to create a supportive and inclusive learning environment - Provide one-on-one support to the student during lessons and activities - Monitor and record the student's blood sugar levels as required - Administer medication and assist with any medical procedures as necessary - Communicate with the student's parents and healthcare professionals to ensure their needs are met - Attend relevant training sessions to enhance knowledge and skills in diabetes care Requirements: - Trained in diabetes care, with knowledge of managing blood sugar levels and administering medication - Experience working with children, preferably in an educational setting - Strong communication and interpersonal skills - Patience, empathy, and a nurturing approach - Ability to work effectively as part of a team - Flexibility and adaptability to meet the changing needs of the student - Reliable and punctual attendance Zen Educate offers a range of benefits to teachers and teaching assistants to support their work life balance, provide better pay, and offer hands-on support in finding the right role. We understand the importance of achieving a healthy work-life balance, and through our platform, you can access a wide range of flexible positions that suit your availability. Additionally, we strive to ensure that our teachers and teaching assistants receive competitive pay rates, allowing you to be rewarded for your hard work and dedication. Finally, our team is always available to provide support and guidance throughout your job search, helping you find the perfect role that matches your skills and aspirations.
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Posted about 1 month ago
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