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Looking for a flexible way to balance a career in education with other things? Teaching supply might be the perfect job for you.

Key Insights: Education Recovery webinar

Earlier in October, Zen Educate hosted our Education Recovery: what you need to know & how to get involved webinar, looking to answer school leaders’ questions about the Department for Education’s newest education recovery package, how it works and what it means for schools.

Catch-up recovery: what do we know so far?

In June, the Department for Education announced its £1.4 billion recovery package to help schools catch up students’ learning after the knock-on effects of the pandemic. As this funding is a combination of different schemes, we wanted to summarise and demystify the structure!

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International Women's Day: A Day of Celebration for the Women of Zen

For International Women's Day 2022, we asked our Zen team to highlight any women who deserve some recognition. Whether that's for supporting within the workplace, doing something outside of work, or just a genuine compliment for being a ray of sunshine. Take a read to see what we were sent!

Committing to Net Zero

Why we're limiting our carbon footprint at Zen.

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In pursuit of wellbeing with Maria Brosnan

For this episode, Helen speaks with Maria Brosnan, founder of Pursuit Wellbeing and author of The Pursuit of Sleep, exploring school leader stress, sleep rituals and the practice of gratitude along the way.

Creating space for mental fitness with Fika

For this episode, we had the pleasure of inviting Nick Bennett, CEO of Fika. Nick spoke with Helen about mental wellbeing in schools, the origins of Fika, and the way in which modern society perceives mental and physical fitness.

Teachers on my journey as a child refugee with Gulwali Passarlay

For this extended episode of 10 with Zen, host Helen Woodward talks with Gulwali Passarlay, an Afghan political refugee living in the UK, about his experience of arriving in England, how education in Bolton brought hope and opportunity, and praised the teachers who made small but meaningful gestures that left a powerful, lasting impression.

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