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Year 3 class TA at great school in Havering
Primary school in HaveringFull Time
13 Nov - Mar 29
Great school in Havering looking for a Y3 TA to support the class teacher. About the Role: - Full-time position as a Primary Teaching Assistant - Supporting the class teacher in a Year 3 classroom - Assisting with classroom management and behavior management - Providing one-on-one support to students who may require additional help - Preparing materials and resources for lessons - Helping to create a positive and inclusive learning environment - Collaborating with the class teacher to ensure effective lesson delivery - Assisting with administrative tasks as required Requirements: - Relevant qualifications and experience in a similar role - Knowledge of the primary curriculum - Excellent communication and interpersonal skills - Patience and understanding when working with children - Ability to adapt and work well within a team - Organizational skills and the ability to multitask - Flexibility and a positive attitude towards learning and development Benefits of Zen Educate: - **Work-life balance** is a top priority at Zen Educate. We understand the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance, and we strive to support teachers and teaching assistants in achieving this. - **Better pay** is another advantage of working with Zen Educate. We are committed to ensuring that our teachers and teaching assistants receive fair and competitive compensation for their hard work and dedication. - Our **hands-on support** sets us apart. We are dedicated to helping teaching staff find the right role that suits their skills, experience, and preferences. Our team provides personalized guidance and support throughout the job search process. If you are a dedicated and passionate Primary Teaching Assistant looking for a fulfilling role in a great school in Havering, apply now through Zen Educate to take advantage of our work-life balance focus, better pay, and on hands support.
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Posted 26 days ago
Multiple SEN TAs wanted for primary and secondary SEN school
SEN School school in HaveringFull Time
11 Sep - Dec 29
This school are looking for Teaching Assistants to support pupils (sometimes 1:1) in mixed-age specialist classes. There are vacancies in the primary and secondary sites. A Teaching Assistant at Corbets Tey School will have: - Experience and knowledge of working with children with a wide range of abilities - A general understanding of national/foundation stage curriculum - Flexibility to be able to work in a range of classes with pupils of varying ages and need - Secure knowledge and skills relating to strategies in working with pupils with Complex Learning Needs - An interest, motivation and passion for working with special needs children and developing skills to facilitate this - Ability to self-evaluate learning needs and actively seek learning opportunities - Calm, controlled and effective communication and relate well to all children and adults within the school - The ability to reflect on own behaviour to ensure teams are strong and working together to meet the needs of all pupils - Ability to work constructively as part of a team, understanding classroom roles and responsibilities and your own position within this - A high level of professionalism and the ability to distinguish personal and professional boundaries in school related relationships both in and outside of the school - Level 2 (GCSE) Qualifications in English and Maths (or the ability to show a high level of competence in literacy and numeracy school related tasks) - An aptitude for understanding and/or working knowledge of specialist IT software and other IT resources such as iPads to support students’ learning and communication - Be willing to develop a full working knowledge, understanding and adherence to relevant school polices, practice and procedures
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Posted 3 months ago
Home tutoring role with ASD child (3.5 hours per day at a full day rate!)
SEN School school in HaveringFull Time
11 Sep - Jul 26
This SEMH school are looking for a tutor to work long-term with a child at his home, as the child does not leave the house. This role is 3-3.5 hours per day (might be even less to start with) but pays a full day rate. The tutor will be responsible for delivering mainly the core curriculum as well as PSHE and wellbeing support. The child has been a handful in the school and can be quite difficult at school, but is calm at home and the worst you get is a refusal. He is 12 years old, but is performing around Y4/5 level. The school would look to invite the right candidate in the school to meet the team and to be briefed on the child, then the Head would visit the child and the home with the candidate.
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Posted 3 months ago
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