Zen Educate Teacher Expectations

Creating outstanding experiences for schools and pupils

Zen Educate has a reputation for working only with professionals who provide children and schools with the best possible experiences. Paying attention to the following expectations will help you provide the same high-quality experience for every school where you work.

Keeping children safe

Always follow child protection procedures. If you have any concerns, immediately tell the designated safeguarding lead or a senior member of staff.

Punctuality and attendance: morning

  • If you are unwell and cannot attend school, please call Zen Educate by phone on 0203 870 4632 and leave a voice message if there is no response. You must communicate with Zen Educate over the phone.
  • If you have any problem getting to the school or you are unwell, please notify Zen Educate by phone on 0203 870 4632, text on 01293 344 531 and email Zen Educate on support@zeneducate.com.

Punctuality and attendance: afternoon

You are expected to leave the school no earlier than 4:00 pm and not before checking all the following have been completed:

  • You have personally seen to the class dismissal and pick-up by parents.
  • The classroom is tidy.
  • The marking has been completed in coordination with school expectations.
  • A summary has been left for the class teacher for the next day.
  • You have reported to reception, providing feedback about positive elements of the day, and have coordinated your leave.

If you would like to leave before 4:00 pm and this has not been pre-agreed with Zen Educate and the school, do not leave without getting confirmation from Zen Educate first.

Getting Paid

You will be paid on Fridays, with one week in arrears. The majority of Zen teachers and TAs are paid through an umbrella company as was explained in your interview. If you have queries about your rate or number of days you've been paid then you'll need to ask your umbrella company for your payslip and email it to support@zeneducate.com with your details. You can also use that email address for any other issues with payment you may have.

Behaviour management

Always follow the school’s behaviour policy. Some classes are sensitive to changes in behaviour policies and so make an extra effort to adapt to the schools’ policies. If you are unsure about the school behaviour policy, be proactive and ask someone.


Always look professional and follow the school dress code. If you are unsure about the dress code, over-dress rather than under-dress. Never wear jeans or trainers.


Marking is an essential part of the supply teacher’s responsibilities. Make sure you ask SLT or other members of staff about marking expectations at the beginning or middle of the day so that you can follow the school’s procedures when marking.

Following the school’s timetables, procedures and routines

You can find some of them on the school profile in the Zen Educate app but it is important that you also seek these on the school website or by asking the school office upon arrival.

Reporting concerns or issues

If you would like to report a concern or provide feedback about your day at a school, please contact Zen Educate and we will help you with this. Please do not contact the school directly without speaking to Zen Educate first.

If you have any questions about the expectations of a Zen Educate teacher, please don’t hesitate to contact the Zen Educate team on 020 3870 4413. We are here to support you, and many of the team are former teachers who can provide the appropriate guidance.

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