The Challenge

When I first started looking for supply work last May, I was told about Zen by a friend and applied as well as to other traditional teaching agencies. The process with Zen was by far the quickest and easiest, so much so that I gave up with the other three agencies and only accepted work through Zen. Having the app is so useful, and whenever I call everyone is really helpful on the phone.

I came into teaching straight out of university via the Teach First programme. Teaching wasn’t a career I had really considered up until that point, but I agreed with the vision of Teach First, and wanted to see where it would lead me. I taught for two years in a secondary school in Leeds where a majority of the pupils came from underprivileged backgrounds. My experience working with them in a school that was built on the model of restorative practice led me to decide to change careers and begin an MA in social work.

The Solution

Zen has made job hunting very simple for me. After building up some experience of supply teaching last summer, this year when I called up to say I would like some more work, Zen offered me guaranteed supply. This means that I know exactly when I am going to work, and has made working and writing my dissertation at the same time possible.

"Zen has made job hunting very simple for me"

For the last two years over the long university holidays I have sought teaching supply work through Zen. My passion remains working with children and despite teaching not being my immediate career path right now, I have loved having the opportunity to get back in the classroom, especially as most of my supply work has been in primary schools so I now have experience of working in both primary and secondary education.

The Results

As I’m on guaranteed supply my teaching roles are generally for a day, but I often will end up going back to the same school again. I have really enjoyed having a complete variety of work — everything from nursery to secondary. If I ever have a question or any feedback about a school Zen will always welcome this and pass it on to the school. The thing that makes working with Zen so easy though is there is very little extra to think about such as time sheets etc. I receive a booking by text or email in the morning, if I don’t already know before, and just go!