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Should I teach in Manchester?

Billie Djirentgouls
24 Sep 2023
5 min read
Should I teach in Manchester?

Have you heard the rave about Manchester? It’s the new London, except it doesn’t quite come with the same price tag. And with over 50 schools being rated as “Outstanding” by Ofsted in Manchester, it might be time you consider relocating.

In this article, we’ll take you through all the reasons why you may want to take your practise over to the North. With so many great opportunities, why not take a little peak. Although, like with other areas, it does come with some challenges.

Let’s get into it.

Schools & Performance

There is no denying that Manchester certainly has its pick of schools. Holding over 170 primary and secondary schools in total, there are many opportunities to secure the role of your dreams - but also to progress throughout your career.

But not only that, you’ll be teaching at some of the best schools in the country. A large proportion of those 170 schools are cited as being in the top 5% of performers nationally. Both primary and secondary schools are coming together to support students with their futures from their successes; it is unsurprising that Manchester holds a Russell Group University in The University of Manchester.

And in the year of 2023, where results for GCSE and A-Level were expected to drop to pre-Covid levels as CAG tests were abandoned, Manchester Schools saw a surprising success.

A total of 22% of all entries into GCSE saw a 7+ (the equivalent of an A) which was an improvement of 20.8% from the pre-Covid era - showing vast improvement. Not only that but 68.2% of GCSEs achieved a 4 or above (4 is a pass at GCSE) - that is higher than the 2019 exam series.

Cost of Living

A trending topic - and rightly so - has been the cost of living. When you think of teaching in the city, London is always a place to think about, but its high cost of living can force teachers to consider alternative opportunities.

It’s not surprising that the further North of England that you go, the cheaper that life becomes. The same is said for Manchester, with property being ⅓ cheaper than that of London and whether you’re considering going out with friends, treating yourself to some new work clothes or maybe eating out - it’s 31% cheaper in Manchester than England’s Capital.

With such a growing area of England, Manchester has seen its economy grow and grow, even double the amount of London each year since 2014. With so much investment going into the area, it’s a place that you can invest in for the long-term, knowing that the UK Government sees it as a priority area for the country.

What Do Other Teachers Say?

When considering teaching in a new place, you’ll scroll through many articles and videos trying to get the best picture. So, whilst we can provide you will all the information and stats, it’s also important for you to hear from other real teachers in the area:

“Manchester isn't expensive and if you have a reasonable you'll live comfortably. It is mostly safe and the people here tend to be very welcoming and friendly.” - Senior Leader

What Are The Challenges?

One of the main issues of Manchester is how many people there really are. With such a vibrant community and a growing economy, there are quite a number of people flowing further North. It is the second most popular urban area in the Uk with 2.55 million people, many of whom are young and arts orientated.

So, if you’re not the type of person who enjoys the arts, going out to bars and restaurants, then it might not be for you.

Whilst the hustle and bustle of the city centre is great for certain people, if you’re looking for somewhere to settle down you might want to think about the very beautiful – and quieter – outskirts of Greater Manchester.

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