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Staying active in lockdown

Vivienne Chan
8 Feb 2021
3 minutes read
Staying active in lockdown

Are you finding time for fitness right now? The Zen team has lockdown fitness ideas to share with teachers and anyone working remotely.

With gyms closed and updated rules on outdoor exercise, many of us are searching online for alternative options. There has been a boom in digital fitness and the nation is turning to home workouts, for welcomed relief from too much time sitting down.

Idnaan, Zen Account Manager, helped our team discover a variety of free home workouts for many different abilities. Whether you’re supply teaching, still heading into schools or working remotely, we hope this collection of ideas will help you stay healthy and active.

Weight lifting, dance, yoga, cardio…what's your pick? Share with us on Facebook or Instagram.


Beginner's guides

Workout plans

  • Body Project: A highly energetic exercise programme includes HIIT cardio, resistance training, pilates and yoga. Great for beginner's workouts too.
  • HASfit: Their motto is “every Heart And Soul deserves to be fit” and they deliver exercise routines, meal plans and motivation to keep you moving forward.
  • Fitness Blender offers free workout videos for every level and affordable programmes.

With equipment

  • Peloton: Immersive, motivating cycling and total body workouts that fit your schedule, your goals and your mood.
  • Tone It Up focuses on womens’ health, they have a 'Love your Body' series and indoor cycling routines.
  • AfriFitness: Workout with African dance, resistance training and high-intensity interval training as you move to the powerful beats of African music.

Yoga and pilates




  • Couch to 5k: 8 Weeks, 3 Times a week, 30 Minutes a day.
  • Strava: Track your running and cycling progress.
  • Runtastic: Start an Adidas training plan, challenge yourself, and get stronger with every workout.

Workout plans

  • 30 days fitness at home: Suited for anybody at home - each challenge has three difficulty levels.
  • Nike training club: Free workouts, including HIT, invigorating yoga classes, bodyweight workouts you can do with minimum to no equipment and cardio.
  • Kayla: Increase your fitness and strength with these 28-minute workouts.


With the most recent announcement delaying the re-opening of schools, we hope you’re prioritising your mental health and wellbeing. We have shared some ideas on handling teacher stress and in our recent webinar, discussed coping strategies, self-compassion and ways to support our friends: Towards Positive Mental Health and Wellbeing.

Still looking for the right job opportunity? Zen Educate is still looking for supply teachers in London, Birmingham and Manchester during this lockdown.

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