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Top 5 Places for Teachers to Get Discounts

Derek Cullen
23 Jul 2023
5 min read
Top 5 Places for Teachers to Get Discounts

Lots of businesses go to great lengths to offer discounts to people such as NHS staff and emergency services. But did you know you can find similar discounts on a wide range of products as a teacher in the UK?

Here's how you can find some of the best discounts for teachers!

Top 5 Places for Teachers to Get Discounts

1. Apple Education – Teacher Discounts for Apple Products

Although best known as a student discount website, teachers can sign up for a Unidays account to access Apple Education. This initiative was set up to help support students and teachers save money on Apple products. This means that teachers can access special offers or discounts on Apple products, subscriptions, or the rather expensive Apple Care. For instance, there are sometimes offers in which you can get free air pods when you purchase a Macbook or iPad. Teachers can also get up to 20% off Apple Care and a free subscription to Apple TV for one year.

2. ITIC Card - Teacher Discounts on Flights, Hotels and Travel Insurance

You might also know about the International Student ID card which offers discounts on flights, hotels, and other travel related products? Well, there is also such thing as an International Teacher ID card. ITIC claims this card offers teacher discounts of 5% on travel insurance and up to 40% on international flights with selected airlines. In fact, the ITIC card is said to work in more than 130 countries and also offers discounts on everything from eating and shopping to museums and attractions. If you work a minimum 18 hours per week at an accredited school for at least one year, you can apply for this ITIC card. Just so you know, the card costs just £12 and remains valid for one year - incredible value is you end up using the card.

3. Vodafone & O2 – Teacher Discounts on Mobile Plans

Mobile phone plans are increasingly competitive, but everyone loves a discount and everyone has a mobile phone plan. It would appear O2 and Vodafone have the best plans in the UK which include discounts for teachers. The O2 Plan is designed for teachers, nurses, and staff with selected companies around the UK. This plan offers teacher discounts between 15% and 25% on airtime plans when you buy a phone or iPad. However, if you don’t wish to buy a new phone or device, Vodafone offers savings of up to 15% on monthly plans through the Vodafone Advantage scheme.

4. Boundless – Discount Scheme by Non-Profit Org

Boundless is a non-profit organisation that operates a discount scheme in the UK. Teachers are eligible to join more than 200,000 members that use this scheme to access discounts for a wide range of services and products. For example, you can often receive teacher discounts on furniture or garden equipment. The scheme also gives access to discounts for various attractions, theme parks and sporting events. Teachers can also attend members-only tours, events and days-out for all the family. What's more, you can receive teacher discounts on financial or legal advice and a host of other benefits related to travel. This offer really is 'boundless' and the members fee is just £28 per year.

5. Ode Card with Discounts for Teachers

The ‘Ode’ card is basically a prepaid debit card which you can use to get cashback at selected retailers, restaurants, and cafes etc. This includes ASDA, Boots, John Lewis, Halford, Café Nero, Five Guys and more than 70 more companies around the UK. This teacher discount comes in the form on cashback and the Ode card is completely free for the first year. The Ode card is very popular for students and University staff and has already received more than 1,000 positive reviews on Trust Pilot. You can apply for an Ode Card on the Discount for Teachers website and the renewal fee is just £2.99 which means you are sure to make savings with this one!

What about for supply teachers?

All of the above discounts are valid for supply teachers.

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Teacher discounts are not easy to find, but they do exist. I didn’t mention this above, but the Hilton Hotel groups will often offer discounts to teachers. TGI Friday also extend their student discount to teachers between Sunday and Friday, and you can access teacher discounts by joining the National Education Union. That said, the teacher discounts above are the best I have found and the offers that feel like the best value for money!

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