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World Mental Health Day: Zen Employee Appreciation

Wave and Chloe
6 Oct 2022
3 min read
World Mental Health Day: Zen Employee Appreciation

We are incredibly fortunate to work with a remarkable group of people striving to do good each day. The community built through Zen is diversely passionate about the cause that brought us all together, and one that looks out for each other along the way.

This year for World Mental Health Day we have taken time to pause and reflect. As a company, we would like to look back on the efforts made by our team by giving a few well-deserved shout-outs. Thank you all for each little and big effort you make every day.

— Wave and Chloe, Your Mental Health First Aiders


Katie, Regional Team Lead

"Her positive outlook makes any situation better! Always so smiley and helpful."


Oren, Chief Customer Officer

“As co-founder and CCO, Oren is always visible, a constant presence and always takes time to talk to you about other things than just work."


Bukky, Senior SDR

"I've enjoyed learning from her, working with her and the genuine laughs and support we've received and given each other. She is always open to listening when you need a shoulder and she gives the most amazing feedback. She somehow manages to encourage you while she's telling you how to improve. A total 10/10."


David, Graduate Programme Executive

"Great energy in the office and even greater dance moves outside. Really makes my day and makes me take life a bit easier!"


Anna, Chief Finance Officer

"For her unwavering support, kindness, and wisdom. She takes everything in her stride and goes above and beyond."


Tyler-Leigh, SDR

"Tyler is such a breath of fresh air. She constantly encourages me when I feel down, she schedules regular check ins with me just to make sure I'm taking a break and she goes out of her way to teach me ways to improve myself. She has proven herself to be a bright light for me at work and she makes me feel so seen and heard."


Laura, Daily Supply

"Laura is so efficient and proactive on daily supply. I can always leave things in her competent hands and I know that nothing will be missed. She's an asset to the team and Team Manchester is always so grateful to have her help!"


Matt, New Markets Lead

"As a manager he is always extremely understanding and considerate. Always provides support and a honest solution which is very impactful when going through external stress!"


Kirsten, Locum Operations and Resourcing

"Where would we be without your French skills?"


Mustafa, Operations Apprentice

"Mustafa is positive, proactive and easy to get along with. Our team is stronger with him on it!"


Helen, Adviser

"Helen provided our team with a lot of great opportunities to upskill. She constantly gave us reading and real-life exposure to become better. We now have qualified Mental Health First Aiders as a result!"


Angela, Candidate Sales Executive

"Angela cares a great deal about the work she does. She is incredibly patient and understanding. She also is a great go-to person for learning Spanish!"


Michael, Locum Account Manager

"Michael has made my day so many times with his breadth of knowledge that ranges from auto-tuned capybaras to lovely stories about locums in my neighbourhood. He is fantastic."


Beth, Manchester Candidate Sales Executive

"Always giving me the time of day to explain and check that I understand something. She communicates even when she's busy, that she will get to me when she can. She has a great attitude, turning things around when they could be negative and no matter the task, she will help and it's never a problem."


Lisa, SENCo and Safeguarding Consultant

"Supportive, positive and always smiling regardless of her own challenges in life. A true inspiration."


Karun, SDR Team Lead

"Karun is the most supportive and positive person I've had the privilege of meeting. He's constantly thinking of ways to encourage me and make me better at my craft. He's also got a wicked sense of humour that few truly appreciate. He's such a tireless and honest breath of fresh air and I can't possibly imagine Zen without him!"

"Karun is the best! He's funny, intelligent and cares a great deal about his team and their success."

"He always lifts the mood with his memes"


Chloe, Talent Acquisition Executive

"Her training and onboarding for a position that was entirely new to me was impeccable. She is patient, kind and has a great moral compass. She's also a joy to work with!"


Slava, Chief Executive Officer

"Slava is passionate about Zen's mission and why we are all here. It makes it even more exciting to be a part of Zen by working with someone that has created something that they truly believe in."


Daryl, Head of Teacher Success & Lucy, Head of School Success

"No words needed!"


Sorcha, SEN Account Manager

"She has been such a supportive and understanding person. Always offers her help and advice and is genuinely comforting."


Ailbhe, Executive Assistant and Office Manager

"Ailbhe is the glue that holds Zen together. She has helped get everyone the appropriate tech, desks along with bits and bobs that are necessary to make sure we all stay on track. Thank you!"


Kim, US Operations Team Lead

"Kim has made my work so much better for just being her!"


Kyla, Account Executive Team Lead

"Kyla is so much fun to work with. She's clever, kind and gets my humour (I think)."


Aleks, US Growth Executive

"Aleks has been so helpful, even from over 3,000 miles away!"


Terence, Locum Account Executive

"Terence is bubbly, musically gifted and incredible kind."


Radu, Head of Engineering

"Radu has helped me with all things involving tech hiring! Because of him, I feel more confident in my hiring practices. Thank you."


Ellie, Customer Care Team Lead

"Ellie is a deep thinker. This goes beyond her ability to whizz through books like some sort of super genius, she is also conscientious with her choices in building a solid team."


Kit, Chief of Staff

"Kit is a brilliant and empathetic person to work with. It's easy to think you're talking to a mate at the pub and not the COO!"


Lydia, Locum Account Manager

"For helping me during panic attacks, remaining calm and funny and lovely and for being someone I can always depend on to help me through."


Sam, Account Manager

"He's just a constant reassuring presence - his calmness makes the office a nicer place to be."


Nicola, Talent Acquisition and Resourcing Manager

"Nicola has been with us from nearly the beginning of it all. Sometimes working in the background, everyone isn't always aware of the incredible impact she has made. We are so lucky to have you."


Anna, Talent Acquisition Manager

"She has such a kind and warm personality. You can tell she really takes time to get to know the people she puts forward to work at Zen Educate."


Sam, Account Manager

"Sam is a constant support to us all in the team and helps out whenever there is an issue."


Wave, Talent Acquisition Executive

"The friendliest person I have ever met, she puts time aside for everyone at Zen even with her busy schedule."

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