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Great Science Share for Schools 2023: How can you get involved?

Andrew King
22 Mar 2023
5 min read
Great Science Share for Schools 2023: How can you get involved?

The brilliant annual Great Science Share for Schools is just around the corner, with schools beginning to prepare for the event on 13th June 2023.

Zen are proud to be partnered with The Great Science Share for schools this year, which sees schools up and down the country taking part in fun, inclusive scientific activities to engage children and young people. 317,655 young people took part in 2022, and we’re very excited to see how schools will take part this year!

How can my school take part?

For 2023, the Great Science Share for Schools have shared some Great Guided Enquiries for how children and young people can join in. These fun ideas are mostly aimed at specific age groups between 5 and 14 years old, and are bound to get everyone excited about science!

The Great Gather & Group

The Great Gather & Group comprises three guided enquiries for ages 5-7, 7-11 and 11-14, incorporating all things mycology – the study of fungi. Designed in collaboration with The Linnean Society, these enquiries span whether fungi are actually plants, what constitutes a living thing, and the future of mushrooms!

The Great Glider Share

Who doesn’t think planes are cool?! Inspired by professional aerospace engineers from the University of Manchester, The Great Glider Share provides 3 guided enquiries to support teachers to inspire pupils. The 3 guided enquiries are for ages 5-7, 7-11 and 11-14 respectively, and provide really useful resources such as videos, teaching notes and slides, and some helpful construction instructions so students can make their own gliders!

The Great Glass Share

This duo of guided enquiries – aimed at 5-7 and 7-11 year olds – asks students to think about recycling and climate action. For 5-7 year olds, The Great Glass Share looks at the melting of the polar ice caps, while 7-11 year olds consider the effectiveness of single vs. double-glazed windows. Brand new #GSSfS2023

You can get access to all of these enquiries – as well as lots more great resources – for free via the Great Science Share website. This includes teacher notes, exclusive videos for students and slide decks.

There are endless numbers of scientific questions pupils can share as part of the Great Science Share for Schools. Sign up today to be part of this year’s campaign, culminating on Tuesday, 13th June 2023!

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