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4 Free & Fresh Resources for Primary School Children

Jack Karup
1 Apr 2020
5 min read
4 Free & Fresh Resources for Primary School Children

With schools closed and parents working from home some fantastic, forward thinking companies have offered free resources for parents and teachers.

We’ve split them into tools for parents to teach their children from home and resources for teachers to teach their students via E-learning programs. We hope this helps teachers and parents of children in primary schools from EYFS to year 6 to continue the academic year. There will be a follow up blog to include some of the best resources geared for secondary school students. Whether you are a parent or teacher to children of any age range - we have got you covered.

Resources for parents with primary school children


Twinkl is a publishing house for parents to help their children learn and now includes free school closure packs filled with learning activities.

School closure packs designed and approved by qualified teachers which include engaging illustrated activities with easy to understand topics

  • A new set of learning activities posted everyday to ensure new lesson plans each day
  • Guest presenters like Joe Wicks (delivering some great P.E lessons) or live sessions so children can feel involved in the learning. Here is a link to some brilliant 5 minute workout videos by Joe Wicks here

Daily audio book from David Walliams

David Walliams, comedian turned children's book author, has pledged to release one audiobook everyday for 30 days to help keep the nation positive during this uncertain time.

  • Everyday at 11:00 AM he releases an audiobook written and performed by himself
  • These hilarious short stories, including ‘Grubby Gertrude’ and ‘Bertha the Blubberer’, are perfect lunchtime listening for the family
  • They are an engaging way of getting children excited about literature and provides something that the whole family can look forward to
  • Some parents have shared how the reward of relaxing and listening to the story together has helped motivate children to focus on a learning activity before the story Click the link for his latest on, “Humbert the Hungry Baby”, give it a listen to hear one of the “worlds worst children”

Resources for teachers in primary schools


This publishing house has lesson material created for teachers by teachers and is ideal for anyone wanting to set work for primary school children.

  • TTS has kindly put together three free curriculum specific education packs for EYFS, KS1, and KS2 students - this includes over 40 learning activities to support with teachers during school closures
  • There are age specific activity books for EYFS, KS1, and KS2 learning for teachers to easily tailor the learning packs they provide for home learning
  • To download each of the three activity books mentioned above, along with the respective answer books, click here

EYR (Early Years Resources)

This is a great place to find free resources for younger children.

From den making kits, to ideas for ways to celebrate a broad range of holidays, there's so much to discover completely free of charge. Take a look here.

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