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Join The Great Science Share for Schools 16th June 2020

Helen Woodward
18 May 2020
5 min read
Join The Great Science Share for Schools 16th June 2020

The Great Science Share for Schools ( GSSfS) is a unique campaign that seeks to inspire children to take the lead in science and scientific inquiry. It has gained a following of over 63,000 children from 11 different countries over the five years it’s been running.

At Zen Educate we’re delighted to be sponsors of this amazing project.

I interviewed Dr Lynne Bianchi (Campaign leader for GSSfS and Director of the Science & Engineering Education Research and Innovation Hub at the University of Manchester) to find out how the GSSfS will work this year so children and teachers at school or at home can get involved. And, I took the opportunity to ask Lynne about her favourite primary science resources.

Helen: Firstly Lynne, you’re very clear The Great Science Share for Schools is not cancelled! So, tell us what’s happening this year?

Lynne: There are 3 main ways to get involved:

Each week we share a new theme to inspire children and young people to think about and get curious. You can find these on our website - we’re really hoping that lots of questions will be shared by uploading them or posting them on Twitter or Facebook. To help this there are some creative Question Makers too!

A brand new Great Science Groove-Along – this is a way to share science through movement and music. It’ll be a bit of fun where you can film yourselves joining in by 5th June, and then we’ll link them all together for a World Premier on 16th June!

16th June 2020 will be the day to really work up to – it’ll be Great Science Share Day – where we will encourage young people to share science they love – it can be something they’ve done before in school or at home, something they’ve watched or something new they do on the day!

It’s important to register on the website here so you can receive the news, the 2020 certificate and be included in a free prize draw.

Helen: It all sounds amazing! Some parents may be unsure if their children can join in from home as they may not have many science resources. What will children need at home to be able to join in?

Lynne: If you watch the video here you can see the film made by the young people at the Derby High School who were asking questions about seed dispersal – that was something they wanted to share, and they shared it with some children in Nepal. Just having a piece of paper and a paper clip were the only resources they needed! There’s so much you can do with basic household items at minimum or no cost and many free resources have been shared with us too. There’s lots of help. It’s important everyone feels they can share – this isn’t competitive – it’s just about everyone taking part. If you can’t do a new investigation tell us about one you’ve done before or one you’ve seen on TV.

Helen: What if we’re really stuck for ideas? Are there two or three resources you can suggest that will help us think?

Lynne: Absolutely!

  1. Have a look at Dr Chips Daily Dose https://drchips.weebly.com/ There’s a timetable and online science sessions for primary children every week. Everyone is welcome to join in.
  2. The Great Science Share Padlet is another great place
  3. Don’t forget to have a look at our Science 4 Families too!

Helen: Anything else you’d like to share with us Lynne?

Lynne: I just want to share a great big vote of thanks for Zen Educate staff and friends – it’s the first time we’ve worked together, and it’s been so positive. We value collaboration immensely and when it works it really is GREAT! ☺

Helen: Huge thanks from all of us at Zen Educate, Lynne. We’re delighted to support this amazing project and look forward to the 16th of June and The Great Science Share for Schools!

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