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Resources to help school leaders support their staff and students

Why we need Authentic School Leaders

Great leadership ‘cannot be reduced to a matter of technique or style’. Rather, it comes from the very identity and integrity of every individual who has chosen to take on the mantle of leadership.

The Journey from School to Undergraduate Study in Chemistry

Dr Kristy Turner offers a unique insight into supporting STEM students, from her professional Chemistry teaching and lecturing experience in both school and university. She outlines challenges and raises questions for school leaders supporting learners with their journey into higher education.

Introducing: Talent Pools

We've listened to feedback from school leaders to design this simple, helpful and intuitive new feature.

Key Insights: Education Recovery webinar

Earlier in October, Zen Educate hosted our Education Recovery: what you need to know & how to get involved webinar, looking to answer school leaders’ questions about the Department for Education’s newest education recovery package, how it works and what it means for schools.

Catch-up recovery: what do we know so far?

In June, the Department for Education announced its £1.4 billion recovery package to help schools catch up students’ learning after the knock-on effects of the pandemic. As this funding is a combination of different schemes, we wanted to summarise and demystify the structure!

Key Insights: Designing an Effective Catch Up Curriculum

Some key insights from our webinar hosted in collaboration with Cornerstones Education. We explored sensible approaches to supporting effective catch up and discussed how we can ensure all children’s needs are met.

Key Insights: Accountability & Use of Catch-up Funds

We recently hosted a webinar based around COVID catch-up funding, as we’re keen to explore what we’re all learning about children’s current needs following 18 months of disrupted education.

Key Insights: Behaviour for Learning

Earlier this month, we hosted our Behaviour for Learning webinar, intending to shed light on the research behind best practices for behaviour management in the classroom.

Diversity in Education Recruitment: Key insights from school leaders

Supporting diversity in teaching and school leadership positions is a challenge for the education sector, but also an opportunity to deliver better representation for children in schools. In our webinar, we welcomed three passionate leaders to share valuable insight into inclusive education recruitment practices.

Outdoor learning: Changing the way we view learning spaces during COVID-19

Whilst the current COVID-19 crisis is putting everyone's life in a period of uncertainty - no one is facing as much unrest as the key workers across the world and the families they support. With a lot of schools remaining open to support the children of these key workers it is important to ask: Will COVID-19 change how we view the classroom? Outdoor learning seems like a prime example of exactly what this change might look like.

Beginner's Guide to Makaton

This practical guide shows you exactly how to do 10 of the most useful basic Makaton signs

How to best support the mental health of your teachers

Much has been written and researched about the impact of mental health issues on the teaching profession. Here we cover practical things your school can do to better support your teachers'.

Meet our TA of the month - Marcela

Every month we pick one hardworking TA and we shout to the rooftops about them. This month it’s all about Marcela.

Five quick & easy ways to reduce school sick leave

What can be done to reduce sick leave as the colder weather arrives? We’ve gathered together some of the best simple solutions from the world of education and put them together for you below:

World Book Day at Devonshire Hill Primary School

One school that has ensured literacy and reading is widely encouraged is Devonshire Hill Primary in Tottenham and Zen Educate agreed to join in the fun on World Book Day and visited Devonshire Hill Primary School to hand out some prizes

Who Suffers if There’s a Lack of Funding For SEND?

With cuts to education and healthcare a distressing reality, the challenges faced by SEND students and their teachers are increasing. One secondary school teacher’s experiences shed light on the necessity of proper funding for SEND students.

Resourcing Your PE Department

A well-resourced PE department can make a world of difference to your students. Save up to £16,500 a year to reinvest in your school, via our technology-based approach to supply.

Our SEND Students Deserve More

Vulnerable children are often those left most at risk by constant funding cuts, and high agency fees merely exacerbate this issue.

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